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If you want to improve the experience of King’s 300 million+ players across our network of games, and help us to further understand, model, predict, segment, monetise and retain those customers, then this may be the right opportunity for you. You will be part of the community of 80+ business intelligence & analytics experts at King, while working on a daily basis in smaller teams of 6-8 people, including other data scientists, focused on particular games, our network or specific business areas.

You will:
* Identify potential business opportunities within your area and scope/design approaches to capture those opportunities
* Translate business needs to technical requirements and AB-tests, and work with development teams to ensure correct implementation, specifically including correctly tracking the right information to allow easy, precise analysis of the impact
* Develop an analysis strategy and perform analysis of complex scenarios and AB-tests, both systematically and on a one-off basis.
* Participate in the design of next generation cross-promotion recommendation engines in collaboration with our dedicated tech team and product owners.
* Develop models around machine learning technics to recommend the best games to our players and maximise cross-promotions in the network.
* Work with our design team to understand how placements in the games could evolve and new UI potentials.Skills to create thrillsYou have a passion for quantitative analysis and the ability to draw business insights that will add real value to King. You will need to demonstrate the ability to learn quickly and work in a fast paced and collaborative environment whilst communicating effectively with teams and individuals across King - such as Game Developers, Business Performance Managers and Marketeers.
* Business Insight: ability to understand the key issues our games need to address and autonomously frame the analysis that will lead to the right answers / recommendations
* Analytical toolkit: familiarity with fundamental data analysis tools such as R, Python (and also Excel)
* Stats: experienced in machine learning techniques, specific experience in recommendation engines is a plus.
* Communication: Designing good ways of communicating, visualising or reporting your results/analysis so they are clear and unambiguous
* Database/SQL: ability to write complex SQL queries to analyse our databases with 300+ million players, and work effectively with both Hive and relational database systems
* Industry: relevant experience in mass-consumer type of services (Telecom, e-commerce, retail, gaming, etc.)
* Highly numerate : Performance driven profile
* Cultural: You will be smart, hard-working, low-ego and able to work in a fast based business environment.
* International experience: King is an extremely international business (there are Candy Crush Saga players in Antarctica!) - so candidates with strong international experience are desirable.
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