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The brand new adage says: ”data is the new oil”. Data is just like crude that cannot be used unless it is refined. It has to be transformed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc., to make it useful. And then, it can be piped where it is needed to make real time decisions. In this sense, “mobile data” would be like the light crude, that it is variety that produces a higher yield of petrol.

Mobile data is an extraordinary useful source of information about human mobility. Nowadays, no other source of data can provide such level of capillarity and reach within human population. That is the reason why it is the preferred data for analysing any human behaviour that includes human mobility.

In Predicting Human Behaviour as part of Telefónica Product Innovation we work with these data to create a better user experience for our clients, through technology like artificial intelligence or machine learning we want to change the way clients interact with our brand and services.


Due to a maternity leave we are looking for a Lead Service Designer who help us define the future for the next 6 months.


The responsibilities of this Lead Service designer will be:
- Working together with our Product Managers to help them achieve their goals for the product. Using design tools to test and validate hypothesis, service concepts and help iterating when need it. Building design artifacts to help communication and service definition.
- Play a strategic role on defining the vision for the PHB area.
- Analyse and optimize the client onboarding process.
- Fostering collaboration within PHB. Understand the different roles` and teams` needs and identify collaboration opportunities between them.


The Innovation farea is fascinating but in an innovation enviornment things often change really fast. The new joiner has to be willing to work in a highly changing environment, and be flexible to accomodate project needs.


Bachelor degree in HCI, service design, product design or equivalent


Management skills
Great analysis capability
Excelent communication and presentation skills
Flexibility and agility to adapt to changes
Excellent problem solving skills, thinking beyond the familiar, and comfortable with ambiguity
Good understanding of AI, M.L. technology
Expert knowledge of emerging technologies, tools, platform constraints


• Ability to conduct interviews.
• Strong skills in statistics (descriptive statistics, benchmarking, predictive modelling adjustment, etc.), and management of statistical packages
• Knowledge of designing experiences for different input technologies and user environments.
• Expertise in conceptualization: prototyping, scenario creation and manipulation, use cases, conceptualization models, service blueprints and other techniques for grounding service ideas and exposing them to both stakeholders and users.
• Experience working with business metrics to devise product strategies
• Familiarity with Agile development methodologies (SCRUM)
• Familiarity with Lean methodologies.


Experience on:
- Service definition and implementation.
- UX design (Research + interaction)
- Familiarity with Agile development methodologies (SCRUM)
- Familiarity with Lean methodologies..
-Working for Innovation.
- Management (specially for design teams)
- Working with Big Data, AI, M.L. will be valued.


English and Spanish


Job Segment: User Experience, Technology

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